Hello my lovelies!

The nerdiest prep in New York.


#ScoutForth today, folks! Photo by @ericlester

Anonymous asked: Sacrifice the dog to the underworld and use the entrails to create a voodoo spell to usurp it's cuddle place with cute boy

Woahhhhhh slow down satan.

Anonymous asked: Kill the boy and take the puppy

But puppies won’t bring me ice cream and tell me I’m pretty.

Anonymous asked: Holy shit your boyfriend is attractive.

Idk man I think the puppy is much cuter.

Dis bitch thinks he’s all cute and stuff sending me this in the morning

Sooooo I was at my boyfriends house and he said he had a surprise. He covered my eyes, brought me into the other room and told me to lie down on the floor. When I uncovered my eyes, this is what I saw. He said “I couldn’t reach the real things but I think I’d be a little closer if you’d go to prom with me.” I cried and said yes.

Oh my gosh when did this get 600 notes…..

Popped into a nail salon for a quick polish change… The gorgeous weather today inspired me for a summery blue! ⚓️ (at Rosemary’s)

Is this bikini so tiny?
We were hiking and I may have gotten us lost. He wasn’t amused but I decided it was the appropriate time for a selfie anyways.

My family complains about me making cookies at 9:30 at night but it’s funny how I never hear complaining at 10:30 when they’re sitting eating fresh hot cookies and milk in bed….


all i want to do is wear a bow in my hair but i’m so petite that i’m scared of looking like i’m in elementary school

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